Schedule of Speakers
Andrew Davies Executive Director @ No. 9 Contemporary Art & the Environment
Zahra Ebrahim Principal/Founder @ Architext
Josh Fullan Teacher @ UTS / Founder & Facilitator @ Maximum City
Todd Harrison Teacher @ YMCA Academy / Senior editor @ Spacing
Leslie McBeth Teacher @ Greenwood College / Facilitator @ Cohort21
Shawn Micallef Urbanism writer / professor @ U of T & OCADU / Senior editor @ Spacing
Pamela Robinson School of Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Program Director @ Ryerson

What can the gloriously messy, electrifyingly experimental nature of a modern city offer educators seeking experiential learning opportunities? How can engaging with the people and places in your local neighbourhood foster new a new understanding of a city’s vitality? Why is it so vitally important to teach young people about urbanism — and what’s the best way to go about it? Invited speakers and YMCA Academy teachers will investigate these topics and many more.

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Don Adams, Curator, TEDxYMCAAcademy