We live in a rapidly urbanizing world. When today’s high school students complete their education, an overwhelming majority of them will live their adult lives in cities — and in fact, most Canadian high school students live in urban centres already. Understanding how cities work, and how you can change them for the better, is a key skill for learners of all ages — and there’s no better or more authentic way to provide this knowledge than our urban environments themselves. “The City as Laboratory,” features talks change agents whose projects and ideas are purpose-built to spark innovation and foster engagement in Canada’s urban landscape. Speakers at this event explore a range of essential questions.


Edumakers, our 5th TEDx event, will focus on the symbiotic relationships amongst entrepreneurs, educators, and technology, as we explore ground-breaking ideas for the education of students who learn differently. At our last event, we introduced educators to the concept of wrap-around services for youth. Schools operate within a community, but often schools have trouble reaching out to collaborate with outside agencies. Model schools like The YMCA Academy have envisioned & implemented a pedagogical experience where social and emotional supports and referral services are intricately woven into the school's fabric.